Our Mission

        The University of Iğdır aims to master on the existing post-graduate programs,and craves to realize the principles of perfectionism and adequacy in the general framework of its mission;In the light of the recent developments of the globolizing World where ‘’Bolognisation’’process occupies the first place The University of Iğdır opens up new programs and departments which the country and society need .In making serious researches, the university desires to be an example in the field of research, education and in the domain of relationships with society; by achieving this,Iğdır university expects to be higly-chosen university both by native and foreign students . Not only do The University of Iğdır desire to assure opportunity to those who want to carry out their research in an outmost academic freedom but also expects to realize an atmosphereof democracy and consistency where participation and transparency paid importance and above all; Iğdır University, with all of these strong assertations, aims to be known a respected university in bearing the perception of the student- centered education and administration .


        The general vision undertaken by The University of Iğdır as it follows; close pursuit of the requirements of the shareholders, paying significance to the criticisms,learning by drawing lessons from the faults,renewing itself all the time, working hard in order to respond to different requirements such as education with/without thesis ,and the university education carried out in night and that of realized without coming face to face and carried out over great distance via internet by downloadable resources, striving to provide adequecy measurement and perfectionism for the post-graduate students, empowering administrative body to provide qualified education ,making amendments to based on scientific projects to make teaching staff effective,holding meetings and workshops to raise the level of the satisfaction of many students who are taking aducation on diverging programs,carrying out amendments studies based on the results of these studies, pursuiting them to take feedback ,facilitating the infro-structure services and providing automation to be able to present the most qualified service to the students and teaching staff in time, renewing the web page with the perception that it is the basic necessity in the communication, updating it, and issuing by the purpouse of announcing the results of the scientific researches.